NUX Newcastle – 21 September 2023 – Responsible interaction design

This NUX Newcastle meetup is kindly sponsored by Opencast.

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This month’s NUX is at Opencast on Thursday 21 September from 6pm. We’re using our regular slot to do an early celebration of World Interaction Design Day (IXDD). and its 2023 theme of ethics, equity and responsibility.

Responsible interaction design

The role of interaction design has changed a lot in the last 15 years, particularly becoming more specialised. However, it still has a lot of power, particularly when it comes to Agile delivery and balancing research against delivering working code. Vicky will talk about how interaction designers can use this power responsibly—from working with other specialisms to having frameworks for decisions and tradeoffs—informed by her work in government.

About Vicky

Vicky Teinaki has fair skin with freckles, shoulder-length dark red-tined hair, and dark eyes. She is smiling

Vicky Teinaki (pronounced TAY-nuh-key) first discovered interaction design as a design student in the mid-2000s, joined the Interaction Design Association (IXDA) mailing list in 2007, and got her first interaction design job in 2008. Since then, her official job role has varied between interaction design, design research, and user experience design (with a brief foray into specialist user research). However throughout she has retained a love for the craft of interaction design, even co-editing an online interaction design magazine (Johnny Holland) between 2008-12.

Vicky started work in UK digital government in 2015 (starting with that brief foray into specialist user research) and is currently a User Experience Lead at Student Loans Company. She has also been an NUX Newcastle organiser right from its first event in March 2015.


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