NUX Newcastle – 18 July 2024 – Why UX needs philosophy

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In this month’s NUX, Ariadne Cass-Maran will join us at the Key at Newcastle Helix.

Why UX needs philosophy

What would Plato think of inclusive design? How would Derrida tell us how to write plain language? Would Barthes be delighted by fan fiction and gleeful about the possibilities of AI? (probably).

Given the relative newness of UX in our culture, it can sometimes feel like we’re out here on our own. However, human-centred design has a rich philosophical heritage. In this talk, Ariadne will do a fun potted history of philosophy, from the heights of Athens to the swamps of Meta.

About Ariadne


Ariadne Cass-Maran is smiling, with long curly hair and glasses against a yellow backgroundAriadne Cass-Maran is a content design consultant at Opencast Software.

With around ten years of experience designing content for government, higher education and third sector, Ariadne is an advocate for accessibility and inclusion, with a particular focus on trauma-informed design.

Ariadne has also been a playwright and comic writer, hence her obsession with culture and our place in design history.


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