NUX Leeds – 3 July – Design Ops and AI & UX

NUX Leeds July 3rd 2024

We are excited to host another NUX event, this time exploring DesignOps, and the role of AI in UX.

Kat and Lucy will be sharing insights from journeys into new roles in DesignOps, and how AI can play a role in our UX & Design practice. Along with two great talks, we will also have networking and pizza!

Big thanks to Flutter UK & Ireland for hosting us and Ideasmiths for sponsoring us. This in-person event promises to be a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals and gain valuable insights from industry experts. Whether you’re a seasoned UX designer or just starting your journey, this event is for you.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, July 3, 2024, at 6pm. Don’t miss out on gaining insight into this important topic and take your UX design or research practice to the next level. We look forward to seeing you there.


About our speakers – Kat Durrant:

Kat Durrant is a DesignOps Lead at Interactive Investor. She brings a wealth of experience to her role, having worn many hats over her  25-year career. Her journey began as a web designer and print designer, where she honed her keen eye for detail and aesthetics. She later ventured into photography and entrepreneurship, successfully running her own small business for many years. Transitioning into UX design, Kat developed a deep understanding of user-centric design principles. Though new to DesignOps as a formal career path, she believes this is the role she was searching for all along.

About Kat’s talk:

In this talk I tell the story of my journey into a new role in DesignOps, how I carved out the new role I was given and how imposter syndrome isn’t always what you think it is.





About our speakers – Lucy Ryder:

Lucy Ryder, Asda

Lucy is has been working in Digital Product Design, UX & UI for 16+ years, and has been leading the Asda eCommerce UX team for the past 3. Spending the last 2 and a half years leading the team through the largest Retail Transformation programme in Europe at Asda, she is looking forward to getting back to being in a ‘normal’ run-state and some user-centered digital innovation.

About Lucy’s Talk:

Lucy’s talk looks into the world of AI, which has exploded over the last 18 months since the launch of ChatGPT, the “poster child” for GenAI in later 2022.
How can we, as UX professionals, explore and understand the full potential of AI and leverage it to our advantage? How do we preserve the originality of our work while using AI as our ‘co-pilot’ to unlock creativity, boost efficiency, and help us focus more on the work we love? And how to we ensure we are using these new technologies safely? (spolier: GenAI helped me get the grammar right on that sentence…).
She will explore the latest tools and trends, look at how the UX industry is succeeding with AI, and address some of those concerns we probably have about Machine Learning taking over our jobs.


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How to find us

This month our event is being hosted by Flutter UK & Ireland, 
4 Wellington Pl, Leeds LS1 4AP.

We can’t wait to see you there!