NUX Newcastle – 17 November 2022 – we’re back!

NUX Newcastle meet-ups are kindly sponsored by Monstarlab.

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After a covid-enforced hiatus, we’re back… 

Newcastle is the first of the NUX chapters to start up again, so come along and show the other regions how it’s done!

Chat to people that you might not have seen for over 2 years, and help us decide the future of NUX Newcastle (speakers, topics, how we can run hybrid events, and anything else you want to tell us). 

Event runs from 18:00-19:30. We’ll have pizza and beverages kindly sponsored by Monstarlab.

Tickets are limited to 40 people.

Joanne, Tom and Vicky

What you told us on the night…

We asked the group to share their thoughts about the future using stickies on the wall. This is what we got.

What topics would you like to see

Overall we had some themes of:

  • design leadership (6 people) – stakeholder management, advocating for UX, and managing a design team
  • user research practice (3) – from recruiting tricky people to remote vs in-person usability sessions
  • new to UX talks (4)
  • design ops (3) – design systems and scaling design
  • and UX trends (2)

However, we also had specific talk suggestions including content design, research, accessibility, artificial intelligence, AI and UX, and co-design. Someone also suggested lightning talks.

People had specific suggestions of:

  • Jane Reid’s work on user research and resilience
  • HMRC’s accessibility work
  • Casey Fiesler’s data ethics 
  • DWP’s product community
  • Various people’s career paths into and within UX

If I could change or suggest one thing

People suggested asking if people are looking for mentors, job boards, sharing cool people’s work to follow (e.g. via LinkedIn), and possibly ways for the group to communicate with each other (e.g. Slack).

Venue and location

People were generally happy with the venue (x 3), and time though some suggested also Tuesday (x 2) or also Wednesday (x 3). We’re aware that this is biased as people had to show up.

Some people wanted a few more drinks options (cider or wine) – we’ll see what we can do.

To speak or run a workshop, or help organise

Thanks to that volunteered, we’ll be in touch! For those that are also interested, email us at