NUX Online – 2nd December 2020 – Taranto Blindness

The next NUX event is on Wednesday 2nd December 2020. In light of government advice, this will be a virtual event, powered by Zoom.

Join us online from 6:00pm ready for the talk which will begin at 6:05pm.

A new, yet very familiar concept: TARANTO BLINDNESS

Dr. Iulia Cornigeanu

It is said that humans make a whopping 35,000 choices a day and that System 1 drives most of them – your decision to keep reading this is one example! But we also have to deal with more complex, for instance work-related decisions – and that’s where System 2 kicks in and invokes our rational side. But is that enough to scare all the mental shortcuts away?

In her brilliant book “Wilful Blindness: Why We Ignore the Obvious” Margaret Heffernan analyses the cognitive and emotional mechanisms that drive us to sometimes consciously ignore (or literally not see) relevant details in situations where “we could know, and should know, but don’t know because it makes us feel better not to know”.
And interestingly, this can happen both at individual and organisational level. Take the Taranto Paradox for example – where two Admirals “saw” the same insight but only one organisation acted upon it. The failure of the other to properly absorb the insight and take action is one of the reasons why Pearl Harbour is in the history books. Or why Nokia is in the marketing and management books.
We will spend some time discussing how this impacts individuals and organisations alike and how Research can help with identifying and alleviating the symptoms of Taranto Blindness.

About Iulia

Dr. Iulia CornigeanuIulia is UX Research Manager at On the Beach, where her key responsibilities include supporting the data-driven and customer-focused strategy as well as defining and implementing best research practices. She has prior experience in the market research industry, working for such companies as Join the Dots (now InSites Consulting), Kantar, GfK and Synovate (now Ipsos). During this time she specialised in brand and customer experience projects, using a wide variety of tools and methodologies across different industries and territories.


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6:05– 6:50 Iulia’s talk
6:50– 7:15 Q&A and open discussion


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