NUX Newcastle – 25 January 2023 – Feedback: How to get what you need, and love what you get

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This month’s NUX is at Monstarlab on Wednesday 25 January (note different day of the week) from 6pm.

Feedback: How to get what you need, and love what you get

Feedback is an essential part of the content design cycle of work, but it’s also the area that can go most dangerously out of control.

Managers throw in unhelpful comments, stakeholders try to change the focus. Experts take too long getting back to you – and when they do, they’ve rewritten whole sections for no apparent reason. It’s demoralising and infuriating.

But getting feedback on work is an essential part of the job, and managing it well it will make you a better content designer. Learn how to get the right feedback, from the right people, at the right time.

In this talk you’ll learn practical tips on:

  • Coaching experts and other stakeholders to give the right kind of feedback
  • How to run effective content crits with other content designers
  • Knowing what feedback to ignore (and how to do it politely!)

About Milly

Milly Shaw: white young woman with dark hair and a white streak. She's smiling. She wears a white blouse and is front of a yellow and white background. Milly Shaw is a content design practice lead at Opencast Software. She’s worked in several UK government agencies and charities, and also runs Content Folks, a monthly online meetup for people who work in content. When she’s not geeking out about language she can usually be found playing roller derby.



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