NUX Newcastle – 21 Jan 2016 – Prototyping Your Purpose

NUX Newcastle meet-ups are kindly sponsored by Sage and Orange Bus.

NUX Newcastle November 2015

It’s the New Year. While many of us have resolved to go to the gym, eat better, or other life improvements, are there some more UX related strategies we can use for ourselves or our products? We’ll be kicking off with a hands-on workshop, so come ready to participate!

Prototyping Your Purpose

In this session you will start to articulate and prototype your purpose, based on Simon Sinek’s Start With Why framework. This can lead you to new directions for the creation of product and services.

This activity is a part of Emma’s Opleven system (Dutch for ‘to rise’, wake up and go) which she uses individuals starting or changing their career discover their ‘why’ and to clearly communicate their values.

HOMEWORK: Before the session please take 30 minutes to watch Simon Sinek’s TED talk and then make a first attempt at writing down a ‘why, how and what’ for you (or if you’re feeling a little shy about your personal purpose, your company or product). During the session we will work in groups to discover our whys and make them physical.

About Emma

Emma JefferiesDr Emma Jefferies enables organisations and individuals to discover a new foundation for growth in their purpose and values. She does this by enabling ‘permission to play’ through exploration, creativity and purpose. She has worked to help improve organisations around the world including Idiom (India’s largest multidisciplinary design consultancy), the Saudi Arabian Labour Ministry, and Brazilian design agency Voel.

Emma is a co-author of the 2013 book Design Transitions that investigated the changing purpose of design organisations. She was awarded a PhD in design from Northumbria University in 2010 on her work on visual literacy in design education. Emma is currently a Senior User Researcher at HM Revenue and Customs and working on the follow up book to Design Transitions.

Running order

6:00 – 6:30 Free beer and soft drinks provided by our sponsors Sage and Orange Bus.
6:30 – 8:00 Workshop by Dr Emma Jefferies – Prototyping Your Why
8:00 – 8:30 Open discussion, suggestions for upcoming NUX Newcastle talks, and networking. And pizza!
8:30 – late To the pub! We’ll be just around the corner to The Ware Rooms.



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