NUX Liverpool – 7 Dec 2015 – Stop the Mobile Journey Ending on the Desktop

This NUX Liverpool meet-up is kindly sponsored by Ph.Creative.

The next NUX Liverpool event is taking place on Monday 7th December at Launch22, Tempest Building, 12 Tithebarn St, Liverpool, L2 2DT.

Join us from 6:00pm for food, drinks and networking. Talks start at 6:30pm.

Stop the Mobile Journey Ending on the Desktop

with Heidi Kawai-Smith

Endless questions, fiddly interfaces and confusing rules that make us want to throw our phones at the wall…

Or a useful, quick and satisfying way of interacting – leaving us with a sense of pride and delight?!

It’s down to us which we provide. But when it comes to designing forms how many of us can boast best practice?

Talk and Workshop

We’re only on our third event at NUX Liverpool and already we’re shaking things up. As well as an expert talk, this time we’ve got an engaging workshop to keep us all on our User Experience toes. Forms are incredibly important to get right for our users. Small difficulties, too many ambiguities and unnecessary effort can get in the way of our users completing their task or committing their details.

Using practical examples of complex form elements – focusing on successful mobile patterns and identifying potential barriers – UX Designer Heidi Kawai-Smith is visiting to take us through the mobile user journey and explore the crucial differences between mobile and desktop. Where do our forms fit in as part of a mobile-first approach?

Heidi Kawai-Smith

heidi-kawai-smithHeidi is currently the User Experience designer for the British Council and UK Liaison for UXPA UK.

Until recently Heidi was with News UK, helping to redesign The Times and Sunday Times websites and was key in the relaunch of The Sun online.

Heidi has been a digital designer for over 15 years, working with agencies and directly with clients. Focusing on UX from 2009, she’s been a practicing UX Designer after gaining a MSc in Human Centred Systems from City University of London.

Follow Heidi: @heidikawai

Running Order

6:00 – 6:30 Free pizza, beer, soft drinks and refreshments
6:30 – 7:45 Heidi’s talk and workshop
7:45 – 8:15 Open discussion and networking (with more free beers)



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