NUX Leeds 25 June 6:30pm: When psychology met UX (Redux)

This is a free, public event

Date & Time: Monday 25th June 2012 at 6:30pm

Venue:  Round Foundry Media Centre, Foundry Street, LS11 5QP Leeds

When Psychology Met User Experience (Redux)

Chris Atherton used to be a psychologist, but kept tripping over user experience and usability issues. After working at Skype and then as a freelance UX consultant, she has now reversed her fortunes, constantly tripping over psychology in her role as a user experience architect at Numiko in Leeds. In this talk, Chris will talk about some of the projects she’s worked on and give some practical demonstrations of how psychology just won’t go away. Expect hand-drawn illustrations, activities, and possibly puns. Find her on twitter @finiteattention

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During the talk, Chris mentioned these resources that list ways for non-experts to engage critically with psychology and neuroscience literature