NUX Leeds Responsive UX

Responsive UX: Case Study, Strategy & Clinic

Monday 28 May 2012 from 18:30 to 20:30 – note that this is not a bank holiday!

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This event is about creating websites which are optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop using ‘Responsive’ techniques. The presenters are Keith Doyle (Navopia) and Paddy Callaghan (University of Bradford)

  • Definition of Responsive – everyone is using this term in slightly different ways – Keith will explain the jargon and come up with a definition we can all be happy with, as well as pointing out the seminal publications.
  • Case study – Paddy will talk about a responsive site he has been developing at the University of Bradford, and will explain why the University is going down the responsive road, and findings from analytics and usability testing.
  • Responsive UX Strategy – Keith will outline some key points you should consider when developing a Responsive strategy.
  • Comments and questions from the audience.
  • Responsive Clinic – a chance for you to have your responsive problems discussed – looking at either websites are you thinking of making responsive or which are responsive already.

Keith is a freelance information architecture trainer and consultant specialising in responsive user experience trading as Navopia. He has been working in the web since 1995 and has experience in the HE, banking and finance sectors in websites for marketing, intranets and e-commerce.

Paddy has over ten years’ experience of web development and has expert knowledge of all aspects of a project life cycle, and has a longstanding interest in the web and web development and has recently been honing his skills in responsive design. Paddy has several years of agency experience and currently practices in the HE sector at the University of Bradford.

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