Manchester NUX 9th July: It’s All About You, Baby: Why Your Customers Do What They Do…

… And How you can Design for it.

Monday 9th July, 7pm at Code Computerlove

Chris Atherton and Barry Briggs explore the reasons why users behave the way they do, and explain how understanding user psychology can help you design better experiences.

Chris Atherton

Chris used to be a psychologist, but kept tripping over user experience and usability issues. After working at Skype and then as a freelance UX consultant, she’s now reversed her fortunes and is constantly tripping over psychology in her role as a user experience architect at Numiko in Leeds.

Twitter: @finiteattention

Barry Briggs

Barry is a User Experience Designer at Amaze, a leading full-service marketing and technology company headquartered in Manchester, and loves nothing more than bringing his love of amateur psychology into his UX work. Barry began his career with some of best-regarded agencies in Leeds over 14 years ago, before defecting to client-side where he helped William Hill help shape their hugely successful online betting website. He moved back to agency-land over 4 years ago and since then he’s worked on digital solutions for a wide variety of household-name clients in every imaginable sector. In addition to being a usability obsessive and self-styled evil scientist, he spends far too much time in his quest for the perfect quiff.

Twitter: @quiffboy


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