NUX Newcastle – 16 November 2023 – AI and design

This NUX Newcastle meetup is kindly sponsored by Opencast.

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In this month’s NUX, Tom Moran from EPAM will talk to us about AI.

Artificial intelligence (AI), ethics and design

Individuals, teams, and organisations around the world are grappling with the complexities of AI and what it means for their personal lives, ways of working, and businesses.In this this talk Tom will give a foundational understanding of how AI works and highlight some of the ethical issues surrounding it, we’ll look at some of the AI design tools on the market right now, and some frameworks to consider when designing large scale AI systems.

About Tom

Tom Moran is a pale skinned man with short light brown styled hair and light facial hair. He is wearing glasses and smiling.Tom is a leading voice for digital and user experience design in the North East and a BIMA 100 member – a list recognising the UK’s 100 most influential people in digital and tech.With a wide-ranging career in digital and design, Tom helps to create beautiful, meaningful design experiences. He regularly hosts talks about the curious, exciting, and occasionally terrifying future of artificial intelligence, digital design, and virtual reality.Tom channels his infectious enthusiasm to not only champion digital design, but also inspire and educate. He wants to make a better world, and hopes our robot overlords will appreciate it.


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