NUX Leeds 25th July 2013 – Applying UX Best Practice in the Real World

The next NUX Leeds event is here and will be happening in the usual place of the Round Foundry Media Centre, Leeds and hosted by SimpleUsability.

Chris Dalrymple (Head of Ecommerce at On the Beach) and Fritz von Runte (Head of Design at On the Beach) will talk about applying UX best practice in the real world.

Chris and Fritz will discuss the following;

  • Brief problems, not solutions – Participative design vs Design by Committee
  • Practical UX tools for commercial businesses
  • The challenges and benefits of agile design

After the talk there will be a chance for discussion as well as networking with like minded professionals.

There will be light refreshments and beer provided by SimpleUsability.

Guaranteed to be a great night register for tickets before they sell out;