NUX Manchester – 3rd June 2013 – Usability Testing in Your Toolbox- Double Bill!

Welcome to June’s NUX Manchester event

We have 2 talks on at the next event, covering very different techniques in user testing.  Book your place now


1.  Usability Testing in Your Toolbox

In this interactive session the various types of usability testing will be explored. The aim is for people to share experiences of usability testing methods, how they have changed their testing approach and what they want from new testing methods. As technologies evolve and user groups expand it is questionable if usability testing methods are keeping pace. After a very short demonstration of unmoderated remote usability testing  people will break into small discussion groups and will be set a usability testing challenge to focus their discussion around methods. In a feedback session people will be asked to share usability testing knowledge and what they want in future


About the speakers…


Lee Duddell (WhatUsersDo)

Lee is the founder of remote testing service WhatUsersDo (that includes O2, Standard Life, Virgin Atlantic and BT amongst its clients).


Ian Franklin (IFonly Consulting)

Chartered Psychologist and Ergonomist who first got interested in UX in 1984 when it was called HCI. Ian did user centred design on many large projects in the public and private sector; moving from software to e-government. Ian is now self-employed working as a freelance UX researcher and usability analyst.



2. Think Out Loud Protocol – are we doing it right?

Think out loud protocol is still by far the most used method to obtain data in a usability test because the method gives a lot of data. However, studies show that think out loud tests are executed very differently by moderators.

The talk will briefly show what think out loud protocol is and how different moderators execute it. I will also incorporate my own experience with think out loud test both in a lab and remotely.


About the speaker…


Thomas Toft Knudsen (Usability Researcher)

Newly graduated MSc from Aalborg University Denmark. Worked at the Danish usability company Snitker Group primarily with think out loud test but also with remote testing.