NUX Newcastle – 25 May 2023 – Neurodiversity and UX

This NUX Newcastle meetup is kindly sponsored by Opencast.

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This month’s NUX is at Opencast (note change of venue) on Thursday 25 May from 6pm. We have two short talks on neurodiversity (different thinking styles, including autism, ADHD and dyslexia) and user-centred design (the process of designing for users). Our speakers are Craig Abbott from Elastic and James Liddell from Opencast.

Beyond accessibility regulations – Craig Abbott 

In this talk Craig will cover some of the shortcomings of accessibility regulations and standards, how we design better products and services for neurodivergent people, and aim to broaden the conversations about the role of accessibility in user-centred design.

Contentedly Autistic: How thinking ‘autistically’ can help you be a better content designer – James Liddell

Content design and autism are both often defined by the challenges of knowing what people want, and communicating effectively in a way that gives them what they need. Exploring the themes of direct language, social communication and special interests, this talk takes a personal and sometimes humorous look at the parallels between autism and content design, from the perspective of one autistic content designer. 

You’ll be encouraged to think about autism and user-centred design in a different way, and learn the sometimes surprising interplay between the two.

About Craig  

Headshot of Craig Abbott, who presents as male, has dark eyes and dark closely shaven hair and facial hair. He's smiling.Craig is a Senior Product Designer at Elastic, and the former Head of Accessibility at the Department for Work and Pensions. 




James Liddell is shown in a profile. He presents as male, has light skin, short brown hair and glasses. He is wearing a blue striped polo shirt, a silver watch, and has headphones around his neck. He's looking at something.About James  

James is a content designer at Newcastle-based technology consultancy, Opencast. His squiggly career has seen him journey through HR, recruitment, and the civil service before finally landing in UCD. He’s autistic, and passionate about inclusion and accessibility. His special interests include words and coffee.


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