Next Manchester Event on Monday 5th December: All aboard the Metro UI

This is a free, public event

Date & Time: Monday 5th December at 7pm

Venue:  Code Computerlove
Ducie House, Ducie Street, Manchester, M1 2JW (The entrance is on Peak Street, look for the cartoon robot sign above the door)

All aboard the Metro UI

If you aren’t aware of Metro now then you soon will be, and so will your users.  Microsoft’s new design language debuted to the mass market this year on the Windows Phone 7 and is soon to be joined by the Xbox and the next version of the Windows operating system.
Find out what all the fuss is about and how to make best use of it to ensure you stay ahead of the huge, worldwide opportunities that will become available over the next couple of years.  In this session we will deep dive into the interface and interactions of Metro on the phone, games console, tablet and PC and learn how to use it to create the best experiences for your users.

Ben Lowe

Ben Lowe is an Innovation Consultant for Tribal Group.  After many years working on the company’s Further Education MIS product (ebs) in many guises (including a number of years as a UXD concentrating on prototyping to development end of the UX spectrum) he now works as part of a dedicated Innovation Team within Tribal to future gaze technologies and functionality that will be of use to our customers in the education sector in the UK and abroad (HE, FE, private providers and as education providers in our own right) but always with his UX hat firmly pulled on at the requisite jaunty angle.

Twitter: @ben_lowe