Next Leeds Event Monday 23 May

This is a free, public event

The next event in Leeds will feature a couple of great sessions on:

  • 5 Barriers (and Solutions) to Client Conversion Success – Matt Clark, userflow
  • HTML5 and friends – Patrick Lauke, Opera

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5 Barriers (and Solutions) to Client Conversion Success with Matt Clark, userflow

Matt will cover some of the main objections and stumbling blocks to implementing a good conversion strategy with clients and how to break them down, with examples to illustrate the points.

About Matt

Matt Clark has 11 years experience in online marketing and e‑commerce. Developing a keen interest in results focused strategies, Matt now specialises in Conversion Rate Optimisation, helping clients to unleash the potential from their websites by using data, research and testing. During this time Matt has worked with brands including Comet, Hallmark, Clarks, Harvey Nichols and to help them better measure, understand and improve their online activity. He is an Strategy Expert at Concept Feedback and consults with a range or agencies and clients in the US and Canada as well as the UK.

HTML5 and friends with Patrick Lauke, Opera

There is currently a lot of buzz around HTML5, the next evolutionary step of the very foundation on which we build our websites. New markup constructs, new JavaScript APIs, and the prospect of powerful functionalities built right into modern browsers to make our lives as developers that much easier.

But with new technologies also come new challenges: when will all these features be available in all browsers? And what about older browsers? Is it safe to start using HTML5 now, or should we wait until the specification is final? Do we have to re-learn everything we know about HTML?

In this talk Patrick will take us on a whirlwind tour of HTML5 (and other associated technologies often lumped together under this term), addressing the most common concerns that developers may have about it, and offer a glimpse of the new possibilities offered by this exciting new web standard.

About Patrick

Patrick works as Web Evangelist in the Developer Relations team at Opera Software ASA.

In a previous life, he was Web Editor for the University of Salford, where he headed a small central web team. In 2003 he implemented one of the first web standards based XHTML/CSS driven UK university sites.

He has been engaged in the discourse on accessibility since early 2001, regularly contributing to a variety of web development and accessibility related mailing lists and forums. He also takes an active role in the running of, moderates the Accessify forum, and is co-lead of the Web Standards Project Accessibility Task Force (WaSP ATF), which he joined in June 2005.

Published works include a chapter in “Web Accessibility: Web Standards and Regulatory Compliance”, released by Friends of Ed in 2006.


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