Leeds Event Monday 28 March

This is a free public event by Northern User Experience (Yorkshire)

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We have two great sessions planned for the next NUX Yorkshire!

  • UCD: the 70 year journey: is modern UX reinventing the wheel? (Ian Franklin)
  • Tricks and Tools of the Trade (Open Space)

Note that we will be starting earlier than usual at 6:30pm – this is the new time for all future Leeds events

UCD: the 70 year journey: is modern UX reinventing the wheel? (Ian Franklin)

This session aims to make people aware that usability, UX and UCD has a long history and its roots in applied psychology, organisational psychology and ergonomics. Many of the issues faced now are very similar; so although the medium may be different (e.g. websites, social media, mobile phone touch pads) the user issues are the same.

Portrait of Ian FranklinAbout Ian

Chartered Psychologist and Ergonomist who first got interested in UX in 1984 when it was called HCI. After a short spell in user centred design research, Ian worked for the Dept of Work and Pensions on the design of in house systems (green screen then GUI). This included the development of a UCD methodology in the 1990’s which lead to him contributing to the UCD standard ISO 13407. His final work for the DWP was the development of the first touch screen job search kiosks in Jobcentres and the first job search website in 1999 which went live in 2001. During these projects Ian joined the IT company EDS and continued his work in UX. Ian is now self-employed. His passion is the application of psychology to UX and true participatory design, involving the end user in the design process as an active breathing participant. Mantra: technology should be done WITH users and NOT to them.

Ian doesn’t Twitter or Blog, but he is on LinkedIn and contribute to the discussion there. His public profile is here: http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/ian-franklin/3/547/a86

Tricks and Tools of the Trade (Open Space)

At the planning session in January, there was much interest in tricks and tools of the trade. In this session, people will have a chance to share their tricks and tools – ask other people for ideas – and we will post the list of tools & tricks discussed on this website after the event. However, if you want the inside infomation, you’ll have to come to the event itself!

What is Open Space?

Open Space will be facilitated by Keith Doyle. In the session, everyone will have a chance to say what they’d like to discuss, then we discuss it! For more info, search the web for Open Space Technology!

Event Details

Venue: Simple Usability, Round Foundry Media Centre, Foundry Street, Leeds, LS11 5QP

Time: 6:30pm to 8:30pm

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