Notes from May Event

These are the event notes from the May event of the group as sent to the mailing list by Keith Doyle…

The event last Tuesday was attended by Keith Doyle, Judith Garman, Peter Bagnall, Alistair Sutcliffe and Chris Collingridge. The first agenda item was ‘how we organise ourselves’.

There were a number of principles which we discussed:

  • That it would help to publicise events if at an event we already knew what was happening at the next event
  • That we could publicise events more if they were planned more in advance
  • That the organisation of events needs to be shared among a number of people (we suggest between 3 and 6)
  • That not everyone who is a member of NUX wants to help organise events
  • That people from outside NUX might be interested in attending particular events but not in organising events
  • That there are different channels that NUX might operate through (email lists, events , a large annual event etc)
  • That conversations (by email etc) between events would be good
  • That people want a variety of event type
  • That we may want some presenters from outside NUX
  • That we need a larger average attendance for it to be worth a speaker preparing a presentation
  • That people might be more inclined to help organise events if they are only committing themselves for a limited period
  • That it might be good if there was a flow of people organising events
  • That whoever organises the events should represent the people who are members of NUX
  • That it might be worth reviewing the purpose of NUX (see


After some discussion the following was agreed:

  • That a Shadow Steering Group be established immediately to operate between now and the end of 2010
  • That the Shadow Steering Group be responsible for the following:
  • Organise NUX events etc. between now and the end of 2010
  • Find out from members of NUX what they want the purpose of the group to be and how they think it should be organised (including what we mean by a ‘member of NUX’)
  • That the Shadow Steering Group write a proposed Terms of Reference based on the views of the whole of NUX
  • That before the end of 2010, a meeting be held with the whole of NUX to agree Terms of Reference
  • That whatever is agreed by the whole of NUX replace the Shadow Steering Group from the start of 2011
  • That the membership of the Shadow Steering Group be no less than 3 volunteers who put their names forward
  • That at least one member of the Shadow Steering Group should attend each event


What happens next?

  • Please email Keith [keith (at) consequencing {dot} com]  if you want to put your name forward to join the Shadow Steering Group. The commitment is just to help organise events and help write the Terms of Reference between now and the end of 2010. The Steering Group needs at least three members in order to operate. I will keep you posted on who has volunteered so you know who to contact if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions.
  • If anyone has an idea for an event, please email me. Note that we urgently need to plan the next couple of events, so if you have ideas for June & July, that would be fantastic.
  • The Shadow Steering Group will be in touch with you to ask your views on the purpose of the group and how it should be organised
  • A full meeting will be held before the end of 2010 to agree Terms of Reference (purpose of the group & how it is organised)

Kind regards

Keith, Judith & Peter

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