NUX meetups are back

Last Tuesday we had the first Northern User Experience meetup for some time. This time we discussed  the book ‘Ambient Findability‘ by Peter Morville …

Ambient Findabilty

Our verdict? There’s a lot of good ideas in here, let down a bit by the woolly prose that he closes most chapters with. To be fair, the book seems largely an attempt to provide a accessible introduction to the ideas of information architecture, so perhaps it is better suited to those unfamiliar with user experience design concepts.

A key theme of the book is the clash between our slowly evolving human mind and the rapidly expanding mass of digital information. In discussion of these topics the book provides a lot to think about. It was certainly enjoyable to spend a couple of hours talking around these ideas with like-minded people, which to me is what these meetups are all about.

It’s also good to know there’s interest in keeping thing going, with another meetup planned for next month. Further details will be posted when things are confirmed.

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