Proceedings of April 2nd Meeting

Hi Everyone,

Thanks very much for the excellent turnout – and a big apology to Ed who attempted to come but had navigational difficulties. We will fix the directions for next month. Please comment if I’ve missed anything.

Mike kicked off the meeting by demonstrating our new online home,which you can find at . We agreed thefollowing actions:

  • Rachel to write some introductory text (who we are etc).
  • Once we are equipped with logins, everyone to complete the short biography section (there is a box for this in the user account setup).
  • By next month, think of some categories / themes for the group blog.

We agreed that it probably wasn’t practical for everyone to have individual blogs attached to the site, but the option is there if you have the time to maintain one. If you are already a blogg, we can integrate your existing blog.

Judith gave a fascinating presentation on eyetracking, which prompted lots of questions and discussion. In fact it was such a successful presentation that we didn’t get time for the problem solving session!
For those that missed it we can post the powerpoint on the new site.

Next month’s meeting will be in the same venue (thanks Hugo). Tero is investigating venues in Leeds for future meetings since we have a few members on the other side of the pennines. If there is demand, we can also look at hosting a meeting closer to liverpool since we have a few people travelling from that direction as well, but it depends on finding a suitable venue.

We now have enough volunteer speakers to set up the next 3 meetings in advance, I’ll send a mailout about that separately.

See you next month