NUX Newcastle – 20 March 2024 – Beyond ’pixel perfect’ design

We’re heading to Gallowgate for the March event – thanks to hedgehog lab for hosting and sponsoring us this month.

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The problem with ‘pixel perfect’ design – Craig Abbott

Pixel perfect design worked well for about 100 years. But in 2024, with every screen being a different size and the every growing need for accessibility, it no longer works.

In this talk, Craig will cover the pitfalls of using static measurements, and why designing in systems and using math rooted in musical theory is a better approach in 2024! There will be lots of examples, code snippets and pictures of cats!

About Craig

Craig Abbott smiles. He has short cropped hair, faical stubble, dark eyes and medium brown skin, and is wearing a grey shirt. He stands in front of a brick wall Craig Abbott is a Design Manager at Elastic, and the former Head of Accessibility at the Department for Work and Pensions.

Bringing over 15 years of experience in User-Centred Design and accessibility, Craig is known for his contributions to the UK Government’s digital transformation, the GOV.UK Design System and the DWP Accessibility Manual.

As a frequent speaker on accessibility, inclusion, and neurodiversity, and being neurodivergent himself, Craig is deeply committed to creating inclusive digital services that work for everybody.

About the event

Event runs from 18:00-19:30 . We’ll have pizza and beverages kindly sponsored by hedgehog lab. Please tell us if you have any allergies or dietary preferences when you order a ticket.


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