NUX Leeds – Mon 27th January 2020 – Using Biometrics and Mixed Methods to Inform Design Decisions

The next NUX Leeds event is taking place on Monday 27th January at Platform, New Station St, Leeds LS1 4JB.

NUX Leeds events are sponsored by DXW Digital, Hippo Digital and Ideasmiths.

NUX Leeds sponsored by DXW DigitalNUX Leeds sponsored by Ideasmiths

Join us from 6:00pm for food, drinks and networking. Talk starts at 6:30pm.

This month we welcome Liz Worsley and James Mitchell who’ll be talking all about…

Using Biometrics and Mixed Methods to Inform Decisions

When it comes to UX design and creative, what works best?” That’s the question we aim to answer using data, research, design and testing.

In their talk, Liz and James will tackle issues such as:

  • Using biometrics to measure cognitive and emotional response
  • Quantifying user experience
  • Research design
  • Communicating results for a shared understanding and vision

About Liz

Liz WorsleyLiz spends most of her time thinking about users and design. Her approach combines deep thinking and creativity. She works to understand users and business objectives to create the best possible experience, and help companies to make UX and design work as a point of difference.

Liz has experience in agencies, in-house teams in large technology companies, and working with tech start-ups. She was one of the first designers at internet pioneer Freeserve (later Orange) where innovation and user focus were at the fore. She has worked at large and small agencies, and as a freelance user experience consultant before joining twentysix.

Expertise in design thinking, research, analysis, UX design and testing, product development, usability, data visualisation, organisational culture. Sector experience includes telecoms, ad tech, tech start-ups, education, not-for-profit, public sector, entertainment, sport and leisure, retail and ecommerce.

About James

James MitchellPreviously working as the sole UX designer (alongside a UX architect and UX researcher) in a banking software company, James currently works as a UX architect at twentysix. Prior to this, James undertook a degree in Interactive Media which focused on digital media, in areas such as web development, game design (with VR), research on the digital self and more.

He is interested in both consumer and enterprise technology, with quite an in-depth knowledge of both and has experience creating user environments for both. He is particularly fascinated in how users behave and designing for them whilst collecting data in a responsible way (see differential privacy), exploring UX, testing and benchmarking at twentysix.

Running order

6:00 – 6:30 Free pizza, beer, soft drinks & refreshments
6:30 – 7:30 Liz and James’ talk and discussion
7:30 – 8:00 Open discussion and networking


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