NUX Newcastle – 27 July 2017 – No escape from (virtual or augmented) reality

NUX Newcastle meet-ups are kindly sponsored by Orange Bus.

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The next NUX Newcastle event is on Thursday 27 July 2017 at Campus North, Sunco House, 5 Carliol Square, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6UF.

Opening the doors at 6 last time seemed to work well so we are giving it another go. Join us for the usual food, drinks and networking, with talks from guests Shaun Allan and John Shepherd starting at 6:30.

No escape from (virtual or augmented) reality

July’s talks are about building immersive digital experiences using virtual and augmented reality and discussing the challenges and opportunities that the user experience community faces in this innovative and fast-moving field.

Shaun AllanAbout Shaun

Shaun is Director of Immersive Technologies at hedgehog lab. Shaun has over 30 years’ experience in gaming and immersive technologies. He previously worked on a range of triple AAA video game titles he developed for virtual and augmented reality since he formed his own company back in 2008.

Shaun now leads the global development of Team Immersive at hedgehog lab.

John ShepherdAbout John

John is a Solutions Architect at Orange Bus who specialises in transformative digital technologies.

His recent projects include creating AI bots for public service organisations, designing virtual reality experiences with Horrible Histories creator Terry Deary, constructing telemetry streaming systems for Aston Martin’s racing team, and generating real-time rave music using bluetooth beacons and a herd of inflatable cows!

John is a self-confessed hacker and tinkerer and loves nothing more than getting his hands on new technology and figuring out exactly what it can do.

Running order

6:00 to 6:30
Doors open for free food and drinks provided by Orange Bus. Enticing conversation and networking provided by you.

6:30 to 7:00
Shaun’s talk

7:00 to 7:30
John’s talk

7:30 to 8:00
Questions and answers

8:00 to late
Drinks in The Ware Rooms


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