NUX Leeds – 30 June 2016 – Creating an environment where UX can thrive

NUX Leeds meet-ups are kindly sponsored by Simple Usability.


The next NUX Leeds event is taking place on Thursday 30th June in our regular home at the office of Simple Usability, at Marshall Mills, near Holbeck Urban Village, 5 minutes from Leeds City Centre.

Join us from 6:00pm for food, drinks and networking. Talk starts at 6:30pm.

Creating an environment where UX can thrive

with Jackie Mellor Brownlee

The world of UX has changed a lot in the last 20 years. It isn’t such a hard sell as it used to be. That’s partly because most product teams have been exposed to UX practitioners in one form or another by now, but mostly because we – as users – have been exposed to some really great products. It’s much more obvious that the really successful products have had more time spent on understanding how we use them, making them easier to use, simpler, more delightful.

The industry’s appetite for UX has never been bigger, and as practitioners, we’ve never been more in demand. But when we get onto that project, join the team or organisation, are we always entering an environment that is ready for us?

I’ll be looking at some of the recurring readiness issues I’ve seen over a couple of decades of UX contracting, and sharing some of the tricks I’ve developed to communicate my needs, embed UX into the software delivery process, and to create an environment where UX can thrive.


picture of Jackie Mellor Brownlee


About Jackie

Jackie is a UX process specialist. She works with product teams to help embed user experience into the software delivery process, to create products that ‘just work’ and which customers return to again and again.



Running order

6:00 – 6:30 Free pizza, beer, soft drinks & refreshments
6:30 – 8:00 Jackie’s talk and discussion
8:00 – 9:30 Open discussion and networking (over at The Northern Monk)


Will follow after the event




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