June 2010 Event Report – Discount Usability Testing

The month’s event was held at the Brewery Tap on Monday 8 June 2010. It’s a while since we met in Leeds, and it was great to see four new people coming along. The main theme was discount usability testing…


We started by introducing ourselves and what we do. We had people attending from Leeds, Harrogate, York and Lancaster. The steering group talked a bit about what Northern User Experience is and how it works.

Discount Usability Testing

book cover for Rocket Surgery Made EasyTonight’s session was facilitated by Keith Doyle. We listened to a Boagworld Podcast of an interview bewteen Paul Boag and Steve Krug about Krug’s new book called ‘Rocket Surgery Made Easy‘. This was followed by a discussion of Krug’s methodology and of how we carry out usability tests in general. Lee Duddell from What Users Do has met Steve Krug, and he explained the unmoderated usability tests which they offer – a service which Krug recommends in his book and which is discussed in the Podcast.

Instant Usability Testing

We had a quick go at Krug’s methods to identify the top few things which would improve the Northern User Experience website in the next month. One issue raised was to split the text out to make it easier to read, so in this post, I have added more headings – so hopefully this site is becoming more usable already!

What are your thoughts on discount usability testing?

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Tonight’s venue was sponsored by www.extremeusability.co.uk

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